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Yoga in the Classroom: K - 12

Children's Yoga Teacher Training for Educators

This course is designed for elementary and secondary school teachers looking to incorporate yoga techniques into their classroom curriculum. Yoga experience is not required.

Help your students to:

  • Build focus and concentration
  • Reduce test taking anxiety and enhance performance
  • Release fidgety, disruptive energy
  • Feel successful by addressing multiple learning styles
  • Soothe themselves in moments of conflict
  • Alleviate physical tension and stress

It’s hard to believe that young children can get stressed out, but they definitely do. The everyday hectic routines that children lead - homework, taking tests, peer pressure, family issues, starting a new school, heavy school bags, endless after-school activities, lack of sleep – can all become very stressful. 

Yoga is a wonderful outlet for children to counter pressures, to release stress and pay attention to how they feel.  Yoga allows children to redirect their energy in a positive way by using fun, child-friendly techniques that help them to calm their minds and bodies, especially at times when they may be experiencing anxiety or nervousness.  When kids release their stresses, they have less to distract them and more energy to focus and learn! See NBC Today Show segment.

But how can you move and stretch in limited space and with a limited budget?  We’ll show you great yoga poses, games, breathing and visualization techniques to weave into a busy school day.  Students can practice these poses at their desks, sitting and standing, as well when your class has some open space to really bend and stretch. 

Overall Benefits of Yoga for Children:

  • Physical Strength and Flexibility
  • Concentration, Focus and Attention
  • Improve Motor Skills
  • Inner Strength and Body Awareness
  • Confidence and Self-esteem
  • Build Social Skills
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Relaxation and Self-control
  • A Feeling of Well-Being & Respect for Others
  • Love for One’s Self, Inside and Out

No previous yoga experience is required in order to participate in this workshop.

Yoga in the Classroom is now offered for Professional Development for schools only, and can be scheduled privately at your convenience. This workshop includes a KKY Teacher Training For Educators Manual, a certificate of course completion, and a listing and email contact on our website. Email us with your schools details (location, number of participants, desired date and time) and we will be happy to give you a quote.

Live too far? We can skype this course with you anywhere in the world! We'll schedule it at your convenience and get the manual to you before the skype. Cost is $450 for a one-on-one private session.

Need more convincing? Watch this CBSNews story of a school that incorporated yoga into their curriculum and experienced suspensions down and test scores up.

Also check out our Yoga for Test Prep workshops which is also available for Professional Development as well as at our partner studios.

What Directors have said:

I want to share the great success I had implementing the Karma Kids games. We held a personal health day. The entire school participated in the school wide activity. The students were separated by gender. The activity I used was "Walk, Stop, Jump, Clap". I had about 70 sixth grade boys in the gym to speak on hygiene. Before I started the discussion, I had the students spread out around the gym. After I gave the instructions, we were off and the rest is history. The young men were focused, listening and concentrating on the commands. After several rounds of the activity, I had the students sit down for the discussion. They were engaged and participating in the discussion. I had students who are normally shy raising thier hands and being involved. I look forward to using the Karma Kids Training in the future. I went on to use the activity with the 4th and 5th grader students as well. Thank you for sharing your program with me!
David Vandiver, R.J. Bailey School in White Plains

A thousand thanks to Shari and KKY for an amazing in-school program! As an elementary school programs director, I've never experienced such an engaging, educational and enjoyable program. We played yoga with children of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. And each child, teacher and parent who participated walked away with positive lifetime lessons. The students were so excited, we've already booked next year's program! Thanks again, Shari & KKY for truly recognizing the light in each and every one of us. Diane Olsen, Program Director at Meadowlark Elementary, Winston-Salem, NC

Yoga is beneficial to everyone!

Registration Policy: Payment in full is required to reserve your space in this course, which is non-refundable. There is also a $40 processing fee to change the date of your course to a future date. If you change the date of the course you planned to attend within 2 weeks or less of the course, there will be a $100 fee. The original payment will be applied to a future course or workshop only.

Call us at (646)638-1444 or email downdog@karmakidsyoga.com with any questions or to register.

Our office is located at 16 Madison Square West, 12th floor • at 25th Street • NYC NY 10010. Our Phone is (646)638-1444 and email downdog@karmakidsyoga.com
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