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What Trainees Have Said


This was a great learning session! There are so many ideas you have shared that I feel very well prepared to deliver kids yoga. Great ideas for class structuring. Endless ideas for yoga poses and keeping kids engaged. Thanks for all of your enthusiasm and encouragement!

I just wanted to thank you so much for the kids yoga teacher training! I truly love children but had some "blocks" that were preventing me from eliminating my fears about working with them (they won't like me, they won't think my chosen activities are fun, they'll get bored quickly, I"m too nurturing instead of fun, etc.). As a child, I was bullied for years by teammates (who later apologized and admitted they were jealous of my skill level adn wanted to destroy my confidence) who successfully put me in this space full of insecurities and self-doubt. I am happy to say that your training, by allowing us to be child-like, really helped me remove some of these blocks and have a newfound "brightness" to life. Truly, just thank you again for coming with open acceptance and a contagious free spirit!

A very comprehensive and informative training. Great energy, great ideas and great fun! All of your information was so valuable. The overall presentation was perfect because we were able to practice while we learned. I definately feel confident and and enthusiastic about teaching and spreading yoga to kids. Thank you for all the fun ideas! I feel blessed to have been part of this training and have greatly benefited from your shared knowledge.

Truly inspiring training workshop! Your ideas are so creative - I can't wait to share them with children! You are so very resourceful and knowledgeable in your field. I only wish that I had an opportunity to attend a space like Karma Kids Yoga when I was growing up here in the city!

I wanted to let you know how much KKY's training and my experience has not only helped me with kids yoga, but it totally helped me with teaching adults. There are so many times when I'm with kids in my family and I feel like I'm able to connect to them so much better BECAUSE of the things I learned at Karma Kids Yoga - it's like it wsn't just a teacher training, but also a way to truly interact with kids. I can't tell you how many times I'm actually teaching adults and there are things that you have taught me about kids that come into play in adult classes. It's such a beautiful and interesting realization.

I would like to express my thanks for allowing me to participate in the Karma Kids Teacher Training program and the Business of Yoga workshop. The courses, the staff, manual and hands-on activities were AHHH-MAZING! Your friendly and patient method of teaching shows that you are a very kind person. You have extensive expertise in regards to yoga, running a successful business, and working with children of all ages. I appreciate your willingness to share your experiences and knowledge with others. Such individuals as you are rare. The warmth and efficiency, as well as the hospitality, shown by you and all of your staff (especially Kelly) deserve a special mention, too! It was also incredible to meet such a supportive group of trainees.

This workshop was so entertaining and you had my attention the whole time! I am now armed with so much knowledge to teach kids now. And, I had so much fun! Thank you!

Very wonderfully creative ideas and very imaginative - all different ways to do all the animals, insects, objects, etc. I now feel ready and confident to teach classes! Thanks for sharing your experiences, too, it really helps!

Very educational and fun! It is very hands-on and you can really tell that you love what you do and work very hard at coming up with fun ways of teaching kids yoga. I feel like I really learned a lot and I'm amazed at the great poses you've come up with!

There was so much information and I"m so excited to bring all these ideas into the classroom! I feel like I am armed with so many ideas and the confidence to start my own classes. You are so inspiring and energizing!

Totally empowering! I am so confident with all this wonderful information. The format is great and I am so grateful for all the support in preparing me for this new career.

Great job giving tons of examples and sharing all of your ideas. Terrific insight as to how children will react. You are very encouraging and supportive.

The teacher training was nothing short of fabulous! Shari was eager and generous in sharing her love of yoga for children. Each pose was described and facilitated in a thorough and easy way.Thanks so much for guiding me into the magical world of yoga for kids - I'm so excited to start teaching! Karma Kids Yoga Rocks!


  You will learn to provide children with the necessary tools to live a healthy, peaceful and well-balanced life. You'll also be armed with tons of great ideas to provide an exciting and engaging yoga experience for children of all ages.


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