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What differentiates this course from other Children's Yoga Teacher Trainings?
We recommend that you do your research. Every teacher brings something different and unique to their course. However, there are just a handful of reputable courses, we believe, that are available. We believe you should consider the following when making your decision:

- Does the facilitator currently teach yoga to children and how often? Yes, at least 15 - 20 classes each week as individual teachers, all year long. On average, that's over 800 hours of teaching kids yoga per year, and that's taking vacations and holidays into consideration!

- Where can you find Karma Kids Yoga classes? First place to find our classes is our various locations with partner studios in NYC! We offer 60 public classes each week. We teach over 45 classes each week in public, private and charter schools, as well as preschools and daycare centers around New York City, Brooklyn and Queens.

- Is the course at least 20 hours in length? The Karma Kids Yoga course is 30 hours long, not including observation time.

- Are you able to observe classes during and/or after the workshop? Yes, we encourage you to come observe our classes, as it's an essential part of learning and teaching. You are welcome to observe anytime once you've completed the course.

- Does the course facilitator offer contact or support after the course? Yes, we make ourselves very available for support, help, advise, encouragement, or idea sharing. Our team of facilitators and experienced teachers are happy to help!

- How long has the course been offered? The Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training course has been offered since 2004, and we have trained thousands around the world to teach yoga to children.

- What is the feedback from those that have taken the course in the past? Please see this link: "What Trainees Have Said".

- Do you connect with the program - is it right for you? You'll have to answer this one for yourself. Call or email us with any questions or stop by our studio and say hello.

- Will the course provide you with what you need to get out of it once it's over? You'll have to answer this one, too, but if you're not sure, let's talk!

- Will the course provide you with enough information to keep your classes fresh and engaging for kids of all ages? Oh yes! And then some!

These are just some questions that we suggest you consider when making your decision.

Will I be able to get a refund if I can't make the training? 
Tuition for the KKY Teacher Training Program is non-refundable. Should you need to cancel your attendance in a given workshop and reschedule to take the training at a later date, you will not lose your tuition.  However, there is also a $40 processing fee to change the date of your course to a future date. If you change the date of the course you planned to attend within 2 weeks or less of the course, there will be a $100 fee. Payment of fee is due at the time of cancellation otherwise you will lose your original tuition payment.
What if I don't want a refund I just want to change course dates?
There is a $40 processing fee to request a date change.  If you change the date of the course within 2 weeks or less of the start date for the course, there will be a $100 fee. This fee is due upon cancellation.
What should I bring?
Dress to move and bring a pen! No need to bring a yoga mat, we have plenty!  Try to get a good night’s sleep before the training, as it’s a busy and physical workshop.  Leave your inhibitions at the door and get ready to ‘play’ yoga.
Do I need to buy materials?
All materials required for the course are included in the tuition - A comprehensive Teacher Training Manual and the new Karma Kids Yoga Come Play Yoga! CD. Additional items (books, music, games, props, etc.) are made available at our studio, but are not required for the workshop.
Will there be breaks?
There is a 1 hour break for lunch during full days, and short breaks throughout the day.
What time is lunch and how long will it be?
The lunch break is usually from 1:00—2:00 or 1:15—2:15. 
Can I get a receipt or invoice?
Karma Kids Yoga would be happy to issue you a receipt during the course, or an invoice if necessary.
Will I be certified to teach kids yoga after this course?
You will receive a certificate of course completion the Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training Program and will be listed on our “Find a Teacher” page on our website. 
Is your course registered with the Yoga Alliance?
Yoga Karma Kids Yoga is affilliated with the Children's Yoga Teacher Training Collaborative, a Yoga Alliance approved 95-hour teacher training program. Hours completed in Karma Kids Yoga's Children's Yoga Teacher Training (30 hours), Teen Yoga Teacher Training Intensive (30 hours), Yoga in the Classroom (6 hours), Yoga in the Preschool Classroom (5 hours), and The Business of Kids Yoga (4 hours) can be counted towards the required 95-hours to complete the RCYT certification.

Do you offer CEU's
You can submit our course for approval for CEU's or CEC's to your organization. Many have accepted the credits.
Will someone call me or email me before the training?
You will receive a phone call reminder the week leading into the course.  Let us know if you prefer email. Please, be sure that KKY has your correct email address when you register!
Where can I find the registration form?
The registration form is on the ‘Registration” page, off of the ‘Teacher Training’ page on the Karma Kids Yoga website.
I'm injured/pregnant; can I still take the course?
You are welcome to take the class if you are pregnant or injured.  Please, let the facilitators know of your condition before the course begins.
Can you recommend hotels in the area?
We would be happy to recommend hotels in New York City that are close to the studio with varying prices.  Just send us an email request for hotels. 
Do I need my yoga mat?
Karma Kids Yoga will supply mats for the workshop, but if you prefer to bring your own, you are welcome to do so.
What ages of children will the course cover?

The course includes age appropriate techniques for teaching yoga to toddlers through teenagers. Family classes, classes with caregivers, private classes, in-school and after-school classes, and special events will also be covered.
Who will facilitate the course?
In New York City, the course will be lead and facilitated by Shari Vilchez-Blatt, with the assistance of Laura Frye and/or Amanda Sidran.  Shari, Laura or Amanda may lead the workshop at other locations. Please feel free to inquire.
Are there any work-study or scholarship opportunities available?

Unfortunately, KKY does not offer any tuition assistance or work-study opportunities for any of our workshops.
What are the requirements to take the course?  Do I need to be an adult certified yoga instructor?

It is not necessary to have an adult yoga certification in order to take our course. We require at least one year of your own yoga practice and a desire to share yoga with children.  You must have a basic understanding of yoga poses and yogic philosophy.  We really focus on ways to teach the postures, games, and activities to children.  If you don’t know the difference between an Upward Facing Dog and a Downward Facing Dog, this is not the time for you to take our course.  Enjoy your personal practice and revisit us when you’re ready.

What happens after the course?
We recommend that you come to observe our kids yoga classes in action! You'll get the most out of your training by taking advantage of watching various age groups taught by our amazing staff of instructors. It's a great way to prepare for all that can happen in a kids yoga class. You may also consider teaching opportunities at Karma Kids Yoga - we are always looking for instructors! Talk to us about auditioning.




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