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Kids Yoga En Español

Teacher's Guide for using Spanish in your classes

Now Available - only $45!

Have you ever heard the saying children are like sponges? From a very early age children are able to absorb massive amounts of information from their surroundings. Children love nothing more than to share something new they learned with anyone who will listen. Why not incorporate another language into the practice of yoga?

Our Kids Yoga En Español manual is designed to provide you with fun and creative ways to bring Spanish into your kids yoga classes. Names of poses, new songs, games and activities, all presented in Spanish, will add a new layer of fun to your classes. And, you can improve your own language skills at the same time! This is a great way to keep kids interested and engaged.

Some important facts to consider:

  • Spanish is the second most common language in the United States after English and the most widely taught non-English language in the country.
  • Studies show that learning more than one language allows children to recognize a cultural connection, promoting understanding and tolerance of differences. Children who are bilingual are better able to appreciate cultural, linguistic, and social diversity.

When teaching yoga to children it is easy to incorporate small amounts of Spanish words, phrases and songs into your class. Even if you remember nothing from your high school Spanish classes, you can still speak Spanish in your kids yoga class!

What you will learn:

  • Songs and routines to use throughout your classes that make speaking and learning Spanish fun
  • Names of yoga poses in Spanish
  • Games to play in Spanish that reinforce basic vocabulary such as numbers/counting, body parts, and pose names
  • Yoga art projects and activities that include vocabulary associated with colors, counting and names
  • Worksheets for students to use in class and practice at home
  • Lists of common words in Spanish to help in lesson planning and curriculum development

You do not need to know Spanish

You'll receive the fun and creative 60-page Teaching Kids Yoga En Español manual, and bonus CD with 14 children's yoga songs in Spanish, for $45 + tax and shipping.

To order, call Karma Kids Yoga at (646)638-1444.

Venga Juegue Yoga!


Jen Fink, RYT, holds a dual Master’s Degree in Spanish and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages) from New York University. She taught middle school Spanish until 2007 when she left the classroom for the yoga mat. Jen teaches “kids” of all ages - from 6 weeks to 106 years old. The Kids Yoga en Español Workshop came about when Jen decided to combine her love of language with her love of kids and yoga. Jen is also a facitliator of the Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training.

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