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Baby Yoga & Developmental Movement

Teacher Training for Anyone Working with Infants

This unique course was developed specifically for anyone that works with or spends time with infants, and has been designed to provide essential tools and techniques for helping babies towards their next stage of development.

Infants are natural yogis. They naturally move through many of the primary yoga poses in their developmental process from birth through creeping, crawling, sitting, standing and walking. They need to do this to develop the natural curves in their spines as well as build strength in their muscles.

In this workshop, you'll learn baby exercises and yoga poses to strengthen growing muscles, aid in digestion, promote better sleeping patterns and help infants towards their next stage of development - sitting, crawling, standing and walking. You'll learn exercises for their developmental process and brain development, and important methods for soothing. It's also a great bonding tool for parents, caregivers.

You'll also learn class sequencing, songs and routines, how to read infant energy and key tips for working with infants and supporting new parents.

Help babies to:

  • Build body awareness and strengthen growing muscles
  • Work towards the next developmental milestone
  • Poses and exercises to promote better sleeping patterns and aid in digestion
  • Enjoy tummy time
  • Stimulate their senses and brain development
  • Learn ways to soothe and comfort
  • Stimulate their senses and brain development
  • Tips and tricks for working with infants

Sharing yoga with babies is for any time of the day - from a 2 minute exercise to a full baby class, you'll learn how to incorporate this into daily routines, transitions, winding-down time, or after active play.

No previous yoga experience is required in order to participate in this workshop. This course is great for new parents, grandparents, caregivers, daycare workers, OT/PT's, pediatricians, babysitters and anyone that spends time with babies.

Course Fee: $200 which includes a KKY Baby Yoga & Developmental Movement Manual, a certificate of course completion, and a listing and email contact on our website.

Payment in full is required to hold your spot, as space is limited. Billing and invoicing for daycares can be provided upon request. There is a $40 cancellation fee.

Upcoming Courses:

  • Friday, February 11th, 2022, 8:00am - 12:00pm, on Zoom. Click here to register or call 646-638-1444 to register by phone.

Courses for individual schools and daycares can be scheduled privately for professional development - flat rates can be negotiated.

This course is also available in a webinar format - click here to learn more.


What participants have said:

AI really enjoyed this workshop! It was the perfect amount of time and covered so much material including direct instruction and practice of the exercises. I learned all about developmental milestones and how to incorporate songs and routines into the class. I really loved how Shari focused on the importance of being supporting and creating a relaxing and welcoming environment for new parents and babies. I left this workshop and immediately felt empowered to plan a class for my friends and their babies which was a total success and I got wonderful feedback. I would highly recommend this fantastic workshop to anyone!
Carolina Moreno

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Yoga is beneficial to everyone!


Registration Policy: Payment in full is required to reserve your space in this course, which is non-refundable. There is also a $40 processing fee to change the date of your course to a future date. If you change the date of the course you planned to attend within 2 weeks or less of the course, there will be a $100 fee. The original payment will be applied to a future course or workshop only.

Call us at (646)638-1444 or email downdog@karmakidsyoga.com with any questions, to set up Staff Development, or to register for an upcoming course.

Our office is located at 16 Madison Square West, 12th floor • at 25th Street • NYC NY 10010. Our Phone is (646)638-1444 and email downdog@karmakidsyoga.com
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