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Upcoming Special Events

Unicorn Yoga Rainbow Adventure!

It's time to soar across the rainbow to a land of sunshine and sparkles where the mythical and magical unicorns run free! We'll take a magnificent adventure where we will use the magical map to soar across the river of confetti, and over the laughing mountains into the sparkle jungle, in search of the mystical unicorn.

Along the way we are likely to meet silly magical friends that will help us on our quest. Once we find these creatures, they'll be sure to gift us with our very own magical unicorn horn.

If you love all things rainbows and sparkles, you won't want to miss this fantastical unicorn celebration.

For ages 5 - 8 years. Be sure to wear some white or neon for extra glowability.

Date: Friday, October 20th, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Fee: $50 per child, which includes unicorn horn and sweet treats.
Pre-registration is required. Call to reserve a space for your child.



Wonder Woman Yoga Amazon Training!

It's time to whip out your Lasso of Truth and train like an Amazon. Join us for a yoga adventure where you'll test your strength, brain power, and your super powers alongside Wonder Woman, Antiope, and the Warrior Queen, Hippolyta. Through obstacle courses, power poses, and a power shield work, each young Amazon will find out what it means to be a peaceful warrior, to lead with love and help those in need.

Each child will create and take home their own Shield of Justice, build up their strength on Wonder Woman inspired snacks, and enjoy a viewing of the Justice League cartoon. For ages 4 - 8 years.

Date: Friday, October 27th, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Fee: $50 per child, which includes shield, pizza, juice and treats.
Call to reserve a space for your child.






Moana Yoga Adventure - at City Treehouse

Calling all Wayfinders!

Join us (at City Treehouse) for an island adventure in Montunui, as we set sail in search of Maui! Along the way we will find out "who we are" and what happens when we use our courage and love to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Each Wayfinder will make their very how Heart of Te Fiti necklace to use when out-smarting the trickster crab Tamatoa. Using our island skills and the wisdom of Grandmother Sina, we will restore the Heart of Te Fitit and save our island home.

With Maui, Pau, Hei Hei and the wind at our back, we will see just how "far we'll go"!

Costumes are encouraged.

For ages 2 - 6 years.

Date: Thursday, November 2nd, 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Fee: $45 per child. Call City Treehouse at (212)255-2050 to register. City Treehouse is located at 129A West 20th Street.


Doula Speed Dating!

Join us for our first ever Doula Speed Dating night!

Are you considering hiring a doula at the birth of your child? Finding the right one can be stressful and time consuming. We have done all the leg-work and will introduce you to a select group of highly qualified professionals attending births in NY, NJ and CT.

Join us for a fun evening and meet 10 different experienced and trained doulas. Talk to them, ask them your important questions, get information, find the perfect companion to support you through the most special experience of your life.

We recommend this event for couples who have already decided to hire a doula or those that are still considering options.

Date: Friday, November 3rd, 6:00pm - 7:30pm.
Fee: $35 per couple. Call to reserve your space.



Childbirth Education and Yoga for Labor

Join Juliana Secches, Pre/Postnatal Expert, to learn important tools to help you face the physical and emotional demands of labor, birth, and early motherhood in a positive and supportive environment.

A light healthy snack will be served and amazing gift bags will be given to all the moms-to-be.

Click here to learn more.

Date: Saturday, November 4th, 1:30pm - 5:00pm.
Fee: $175 per couple ($150 early reg. by October 20th). Call to reserve your space.








Princess Strong Yoga

Join Elsa, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Merida as you go on an adventure to learn strength, bravery, kindness, and how helping and loving each other is what being a princess is all about!

Each princess will have a challenge just for you! Gather each castle gem to complete your crown for Coronation Day and celebrate the strength that lies within every princess! As our friend Cinderella says, "Have courage and be kind".

Costumes are encouraged. Come as your favorite princess. Stay for photos with the princesses after class!
For ages 2 - 6 years.

Date: Sunday, November 5th, 10:00am - 11:30am.
Fee: $40 per princess, includes gems and crowns. Call to reserve a space for your princess.






Hooping and Hamilton!

Join us for hula hooping set to the historical sounds of Broadway's most popular show! This class will incorporate hooping skills and tricks, a hoopathon, a glow dance party, as well as gentle stretching and restorative poses afterwards to help you unwind and start your weekend off refreshed.

So bring your love of Hamilton, the founding fathers, and the Schuyler sisters and join us on a Friday night! We know you'll leave "Satisfied".

A pizza dinner will be served and amazing gift bags will be given to all the hula hoopers.

For ages 7 and up.

Date: Friday, November 10th, 6:00pm - 7:30pm.
Fee: $40 per child, which includes pizza, juice and gift bags! Call to reserve your space


Teen Hamilton Flow Yoga!

A yoga class for teens, set to the historical sounds of Broadway's most popular show! This class will incorporate vinyasa style flow for core and back strength, poses for leg and arm strength, as well as restorative poses to help you unwind and start your school week off refreshed.

So bring your love of Hamilton, the founding fathers, and the Schuyler sisters and join us on the mat! We know you'll leave "Satisfied".

Date: Sunday, November 12th, 10:00am - 11:15am
Fee: $30. Call to reserve your space

Star Wars Yoga Droid Building and Jedi Training!

These are the driods you are looking for...Join us for a Star Wars event like no other!

Every great Jedi needs a great Droid and in this event we will equip each Padwan with the tools they need to build their very own Droid. Working your Jedi mind, while using the force, you'll be able to make your Droid excel at any task, whether it's pouring blue milk on Tattoine or directing your X-wing while co-piloting a mission alongside Po, these Droids will be totally created by you! After our cosmic build, we will stretch out our engineering minds with Jedi Yoga and a presentation of each Droid.

Pizza, juice and a screening of Clone Wars, to follow!

If you love Star Wars, you won't want to miss this special event!

Costumes are encouraged. Please come dressed as your favorite Jedi, Wookie, Ewok or character from Star Wars! For ages 5 and up.

Date: Friday, November 17th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Fee: $50 per Jedi, which includes Droid materials, pizza and juice. Call to reserve a space for your Jedi.


Dad & Baby Yoga!

Dad shouldn't miss this special opportunity to practice yoga with their little ones! Join us for a chance to take part in a great yoga class that is fun and engaging for both, and a great way to strengthen the bond between Daddy and baby. Both are sure to get a great workout and take a long nap afterwards.

Moms are invite to come along and take pics or use that time wisely for yourselves! All levels. Ages 6 weeks through new walkers.

Date: Sunday, December 10th, 11:00am - 12:00pm
Fee: $25 per Dad & Baby








Past Events

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