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Childbirth Education and Yoga For Labor


Join Juliana Secches, Pre/Postnatal Expert, to learn important tools to help you face the physical and emotional demands of labor, birth, and early motherhood in a positive and supportive environment.

Learn how yoga can be helpful during pregnancy, labor and delivery - We will work with partners (bring your own or partner with someone) to understand how to effectively ask for and use the support of another person when coping with natural sensations and feelings that arise during pregnancy, labor and post-partum.

Strengthen core muscles - We will focus on the use of core muscles to maintain a healthy back while your shape naturally changes as your pregnancy progresses. Strong core muscles are very important for birth and recovery afterwards.

Explore options in childbirth - There will also be a discussion and brief Q & A session on childbirth and the role of the birth partner. This is a non-traditional childbirth class, which focuses on body awareness, self exploration, effective communication and understanding of individual needs.

Meet other parents-to-be - A light, healthy snack will be served and amazing gift bags will be given to all the parents-to-be.

Dates: Saturday, November 4th(1:30pm - 5:00pm)
Fee: $175

Upcoming workshops: TBD

Call us at (646)638-1444 to reserve a space for you and your partner.

Juliana Secches, RYT, Exercise Physiologist, Childbirth Educator, Doula and Pre/Post Natal Expert, Prenatal Yoga Director at KKY, created this very imformative workshop to share her experience. She developed a true fascination for understanding the movements of the human body from a very early in her life. Pregnancy and childbirth were just topics she grew up discussing with her father, who's an OB/GYN and apprenticed her into a lot of the work she does today. Juliana is also mom to yogini Bruno.


From a client:

"Thanks for a fantastic class! This was the most valuable information and instructions we have received to date. As we discussed, it also made it very clear to us that a doula is very valuable. We wish we had met you earlier and you could have been our doula! The next best thing is for us to reach out to others htat you know and trust. We will definitely reach back regarding post partum PT and look forward to seeing you again at yoga class!" - Michael


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